Monday, August 01, 2005

AWA light-heavyweight tourney

Just got back from my home away from home Burlington North Carolina, I spent Friday and Saturday night watching 2 of the most fun nights of pro wrestling i have ever seen. With guys from all over the country filling the locker room to put on one hell of a show for the fans. These guys really stepped it up a notch too, putting everything they had into the matches for the fans. I had the chance to meet a bunch of really great guys and see alot of great matches. So its hard for me to pick the "best match of the weekend" but im going to attempt to do so. I would have to say that there was one match that really stood out in my mind as an amazing light heavyweight bout and that was Ultra Dragon and Jerelle Clark. Theses 2 guys meet in the 2nd night of action and just tore the house down in my opinion. The crowd was into the action was non-stop and unpredictable just the way it should have been. I would like to applaud both of these men on the match and just say that it was breath taking.

However at the end of the night the finals came down to Shannon Moore and Krazy K another match that was really good, with Krazy K getting the win and becoming the AWA light heavy weight champion following an insane swing neck breaker of the top rope. These 2 guys also did an amazing job through out the weekend and put on an amazing show. I would like to send out a big congrats to Krazy K on his well earned victory.

I got to see alot of guys wrestle that i have never seen before and I have to be perfectly honest the man that stands out in my mind the most has to be Ricky Landel. You want to talk about Old School??? This guy is it! Im so glad i got to see this man work and see that old school wrestling is still alive and well. Steve Corino did a great job with this guy. In my mind Landel is the perfect wrestler from top to bottom i was impressed with his look, wrestling style and charsima watching this guy work was like going back to 1987 for me it just blew me away.

Well im gonna cut this thing short by saying what a great show this weekend and what and amazing job everyone did! Until next time, Im out!

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Return

I had the chance to finally return to the CWF this weekend and boy it was great to see all of the guys again. They have made some changes since i was last there and I have to say its awesome. It was just so great to be back.

I had the chance to work Trucker, now that was an experience. Garry is a great guy to be in the ring with. He has so much experience and taught me alot by just allowing me to work him.

Now on the the big thing that is getting ready to occur in the AWA. I have to take this time to talk about the AWA lightweight tournament coming up this weekend! Im going to make sure i am on hand for this thing as it will be nothing less then insane. So many guys and so much potential for amazing matches this will be something i have to tell everyone to attend. The place should be going crazy for this one. I want to wish all the CWF guys who are entered in the tournament good luck and i wish you all the best.

Well its time for me to bring this to a close and i will do so by saying thank you to all the boys for having me back in the CWF and welcoming me with open arms. Until next time so long!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Letting it go.......

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Did you ever have the desire to chase a dream you had since you was a small child? I can honestly say that I have, since I was a little boy growing up in Harrisonburg, VA all I wanted to do was be a pro wrestler. Growing up I used to sit in front of the TV on Saturday mornings at 5 a.m. watching guys like Tracey Smothers and Jim Cornette. Around 12 my t.v. was then tuned into the fox channel where i sat and was amazed by the likes of Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels. Every wrestler that was on the tv was doing exactly what i wanted to do, and from that ripe early age i swore to myself that one day i would indeed have the chance to say "Im a professional wrestler"

Many years later at the age of 20 i was at the gym.....(yes my skinny ass does go to the gym!) and i meet a promoter who was there handing out ads to his wrestling event in a near by town. A few days later i contacted him and began my training as a pro wrestler.

In the process of training i meet to people who have been a huge asset to my life, im not going to embarrass them by saying there names but they know who they are. Im proud to say they are 2 of the best indy workers in the business. They have supported me everystep of the way and let me know when i was making a stupid mistake. They are the ones that are responsible for the debut of Jeremy Ryan in the CWF. For that i owe them a ton of gratitude.

CWF is in my mind what pro wrestling is all about....old school. I walk into that arena and get goosebumps. My very first time i stepped into that place i almost cried thats how much it meant to me. The greatest part about the company isn't just the wrestling its the boys. They are the greatest bunch of guys i have ever met. From Grant and Stutts, to Cory and Xsris and even......Yam. And of course Jeff who is the man that let me have the chance to show what i can do and is always there to make sure i learn more. Thank you guys.

Now allow me get to the whole point of this Blog. I had my dream in the palm of my hand, and like an idiot i let it go. I was low on money and needed a job to support myself, my amazing fiance Sara and be able to afford tolive a comfortable life. Wrestling was now out of my life, i still watched it and had that same dream but i refused to allow myself to finiacial burnden my loving caring all to understand parnter. So i past on living a dream and accepted i needed to live a life. Every night i would watch old tapes or just sit and think about wrestling as it ate me up inside knowing that i could no longer do it at least not as often as i wanted too. Finally i got a phone call from that friend of mine that always lets me know when im fucking up, and he asked me one simple question, "When you lacing your boots back up?" With that question being asked it deserves an answer......The boots are polished, the gear is clean and Jeremy Ryan is coming back!

Heres what it all boils down to, if you have a dream go after it and once you get it, never ever let it go. Cause sometimes its all we have. If you wake up everymorning thinking about your dream then by all means go after it and NEVER let it GO!!!